Our Mission


Ke'Ambra Nequal is a sustainable and eco- friendly brand that target boldness and capitalize individuality. Our brand purpose is design to help men and women co- exist with nature and to encourage the maintenance of the relationship. We are distributing innovation while embracing a healthy lifestyle. Ke'Ambra Nequal aesthetics of combining innovational fashion collections and  natural pigments of color has created a new avenue for sustainability. Each garment is uniquely hand dyed which creates personal connection with our customers. We are recognize by the use of high quality natural and organic materials and plant base base dyes that ensures our customers with gratifying experience. We are best known for our bold and ethnic designs, tie dye fabric in intricate patterns, and using living earth tone colors of nature. Our company presents a modern cultural taste while giving an luxury appearance. However, our collections are bold and are considered to be a "must have". What makes us unique is that we rekindle the centuries old cultures and skills while directly improving the livelihoods of our crafts. 

Our Ethnics

As a stewardess on this earth Ke'Ambra Nequal promise to provide high quality clothing while assembling ethical practices. We will stay true to the brand's beliefs and what we offer to the public. As the business progress we promise to keep an ecological awareness. 

Ke'Ambra Nequal is established because we believe in fairness and equal rights. We are making a difference in the world by putting human rights, animal right and environmental rights first. As this company grows and build its solid foundation, we continue to produce clothing in the most ethical way possible. The disadvantages of mass production encourages the company to practice slow fashion. Each garment is designed, produce, and manufactured by the designer. In the future we are looking for eco- friendly manufacturing companies that can help us produce our collections fairly. As the owner of this company, "I do not believe in wasting material. Every piece of scrap fabric is either in use or recycle to produce something new, which we call "up-cycle". This help cut down tons of materials being thrown into landfills each year. 


Customize Orders

Offers Life time Alterations on custom clothing only


We offer men and women ready to wear apparel. 

Hand- dyed textiles

We create beautiful prints on natural fibers, using all natural ingredients. 

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